Actress 3d Scan Progress

I’ve finally acquired a 3d scan of a popular actress, Kyler Quinn.

I can’t reveal the image yet. I’ll postpone Succubus for a few days and work on animating Kyler for a tester.

I’ll update this post if I succeed in creating a good enough test scene.

*situation update
I’ve been looking at the Kyler 3d model for two days.

God, this isn’t easy at all!!  Making the 3d version look like the actual human is turning out to be very hard.

There can be no excuse like “this is 3d, it’s different from reality”.  Also, it’s not like I’ll get permission from the models if it doesn’t look good enough.

Aida Collection missing reactions

these two reactions were missing.  Full game is updated.

While preparing the VRporn version, I’ve come up with this intro.

VRporn version needs some kind of help message.  But my own version doesn’t need that.

While working on that, I’ve realized that “Aida Collection Dance” is possible. The dances are all free animations. Easily duplicated to every character.

Users can play dance animations with new costumes. It’s a bonus, not a full content. I’ll work on this after I finish the VRporn version.