posing test online

Posing Test Run

This is a test run. Watch following videos to learn how to use it.  Upload screenshots to Screenshot Gallery to help me testing this.

1. Placing and moving the characters

2. Posing

3. Examples

While there are several flaws, it’s quite usable.

Now, I’ll move on to penis placement, breathing, and automated reactions, try to make it playable, hopefully in this month.

I think it’s possible to release the pose game in December.

This is ingenious.

This screenshot is anonymously uploaded.

To release the game as quickly as possible, for this year, I intend to make it simple and implement only the hand-tracked fap session.   (no foreplay, only sex positions)

Looking at that image, it can also be fun if the scene works as a lesbian 3P.   I’ll think about the idea and how to implement it.

Next year will be more interesting than this year with both the pose simulator and the 3D scans.

Next step is placing and posing characters.

I’m just getting started with this subject. I’ll update the progress using this post.

I’ll be done with experiments until the end of November. A working prototype will be available at the end of this month.

The steps to create this are:
1) hauling and placing the girls on top of furniture
2) posing
3) reacting
Actual game logic will be exactly the same with VR Hand Revolution.

Pose Simulator will have AR pass through.

I’ll create some turning and walking animations to make it act like NPCs in actual 3D games.


Faye Dance with Proper Leg Placement (one more)

Fixed one more

I’ve fixed the third one (high fever) from Faye Dance. It also looks damn good with the proper footing.

This one is even better because I also fixed the hands in this one. In those dances, hand placements are even more of a mess than the legs.

Personally, I think of anyone saying things like “motion capture is the answer to animation” as talking about something he only heard, not something he has done actually.

Motion capture usually creates even more mess. It requires another experienced animator to clean up the data. Hence, it’s no answer.

3D scan was no different. It created more problems than solving.

Below is the first item (Happy) of Faye Dance.  Leg shakes of Maya Dance, Aida Dance were already fixed.  Faye Dance wasn’t.


This took me about 16 hours. (2 days). A user expressing a fondness for dance content gave me a new motivation.

I’ll make time to fix the other two Faye Dance items later.

These dance motions are precious assets.  It is impossible to buy them anymore. I can only make use of existing ones.

This hair system is very useful.

Before this, I couldn’t dare try applying dance animations to the girls with long hair.

It handles the long hair very nicely now.

I should have done this long ago, LOL. It’s not like my programming skills have made any big leaps in recent years. It just never occurred to me.

Flight Attendant dances 0,1,2 will be added to the RockHardVR Shop soon.