Online AI Model

Recently, I’ve found an interesting AI model. This AI model looks up the internet by itself.

For example, I asked, “Hello, Tifa. Tell me about the recent donald trump assassination attempt.” Since that incident is very recent, most AI model doesn’t know about it. But this online AI model is smart. Take a look at this dialog.

After I’m done with AI credit experiment, I’ll add this to the list as a paid AI model. It may be useful if you want to discuss the most recent events.

*ChatGPT has internet searching. But the GPT API doesn’t. What I’m going to use is something called Perplexity Sonar 70B. 3 credits per message should do it.

Voice Command Test Run

I’m considering “XR Friend R” for the title. XR Friend for non-adult chat app. XR Friend R for the adult version.

Test game link in VR – You can test the voice command.

This video shows voice command function.

Commands are processed by AI. Which means you can say the same thing in a variety of ways. You can also use non-English languages.

Later, you’ll say stuff like “let’s fuck here”, then the girl will go to the sex mode.

This new technology will make it feel more like a virtual girlfriend.

I will use Neve from now on and create the sex function. Then it’ll become an early access product.

Here are some of the updated plans.

I’ll create the first game with the new Neve character. Using the 3D scan is my ultimate goal, but the 3D scan causes me huge stress for the quality issue.

I’ll try to put up early access to the first game in July, and finish it until August. The price will be between $10.5 and $12.5. It’ll have the early access discount.

Moving around the house

The gameflow will be like this:

  1. The girl comes in from the door and say greeting message.
  2. Free-play mode.  (AI conversation or sex)

Every action will react to voice commands. Voice commands will be particularly useful when you play with hand tracking.

So far, VR Hand Revolution games have been mostly made of switching poses.

This time, I want the girl to move around smoothly, and I want to implement the AI Voice command.

Consider this. We can say “come here,” “come close,” “come to me,” or any other numerous ways. And don’t forget non-English languages.

It’s impossible to recognize natural human language through simple word-matching. The “intent recognition” in AI makes it possible.

Test shot of Kyler Quinn for the next game.

These are the girls to be in the next game.

For more info about my next game, check out this post.

It’ll be an AI pornstar dating game. But don’t ask about it too much, because I myself don’t know how it’s going to be yet.

It’s basically a VR Hand Revolution game that uses fixed animations. I’d like to add AI and more events to it this time.

Another Commissioned Task

I have moved some of the Aida Collection’s dresses and panties to Neve.  ($50 commission)

(Dress 003 has physic variation. See what you can do with it.)

On the R34 site, another user has paid for a commissioned task. I’ll work on Marie Rose’s school costumes next.

Looks like my new commission program is working. 🙂

I have Neve’s hair and school costumes still pending, but you can make your own suggestions.

Also, I’ll create commissions for a brand new character after I finish a new game with Neve.