Using Whole Body Scale example.

This is how you apply Whole Body Scale to multiple characters.  Follow the cursor.

Small tip: this video was recorded on a PC browser. You can do everything on a PC, even upload body shares and screenshots.  It is sometimes useful.

WASD+SPACE+SHIFT moves the position as in FPS games.

Anyone’s got a drifting stick?

This was requested in the VRporn comment. I’ve added this to the “full option menu”.

But it turns out, Quest setup menu has a more robust feature than this.

It’s a choice. Mine’s easier to use, and has the swap option. 100% deadzone will disable the analog stick.

This feature is no hurry. I’ll update in due time.

* one more info
VRporn versions of VR Hand Revolution will get a full overhaul soon. They’ll get everything up to this feature.

New Butt Bounce and Grabbing

*updated on Aida Collection and VR Hands Aida, Jana, Faye.

1. Butt slider video. This video in 30fps cannot show the exact movement. You better see this in VR to be sure.

2. New butt grabbing

This is almost same as the boob grabbing.

Now the difficult task is to apply this to all of the previous premium contents.

Better way to pick the color item

The Aida Collection has too many costumes, I didn’t know how to organize the color parts. So far, I merged all the items into one part. It was very bad because color change became too slow since every costume was modified at once.

I finally figured out how to solve this.  I made it to rotate only the visible items. It’d be a lot easier to choose color parts from now on.

Aida Demo and Full updated.  Leave comment if you see anything strange.