Tifa Animated

Tifa is added to Pose Simulator R34 now.

This was one damn hard job. I forgot how difficult it is to work on a brand new character. This took me about 40+ hours. It was only possible because this was sponsored.

It looks amazing in VR. Don’t miss this. R34 Collection


Tifa is sponsored by a long-time user since 2019. He is also sponsoring Edelgard of Fire Emblem. I’ll get to it soon.

The cost is 300 USD per character to cover a minimum wage.

You can say all good words, but it’s meaningless because R34 content doesn’t even cover the minimum wage. That is the reality.

Become a sponsor to make it happen for sure.

Even if there’s no sponsor, I’ll sometimes put up a poll to make a new R34 character as the sales stack up. But you don’t know which one will be picked.

Update Function on Scene Share

Outdated Scene 24-hour Removal

Starting today, hidden, outdated scenes will be removed after 24 hours.

Only the hidden scenes generated by the update are removed. User-flagged hidden scenes are not removed.

(note: scene delete function will be added, too)

Update without Bump

I made this out of my own necessity. This can be useful on occasion.

Here’s new Overwrite Scene function. It’s similar to update, but there’s no need to download a scene before overwriting.

You’ll see this overwrite button when you’re browsing your own scenes.

Think of this. If you want to update a scene using a private collection, how would you do it?  It was impossible unless you upload it as a new scene and lose the run count.

If you overwrite a wrong scene, you can log in to the web gallery to recover the original scene.

If you’ve registered your nickname and are playing your own scene, you’ll see the message “update possible” right above the scene title.

If you update, your scene will be bumped up on the list.  Bump your scenes when you feel like it.

Old scenes are not deleted. They are kept on the server and hidden. You can find them and restore them in the web gallery.  (if you log in)

Hand Tracking Disappearing Menu Symptom

(all games are updated.  Tell me if you see any more of this symptom)

(Never mind the mad flickering of the screen. This is a Quest system bug while recording a video.)

In this video, I try to load scene twice.

First try – I stay still while it’s loading  ->  okay
Second try – I try to drag the menu  while loading  -> menu is lost

* I’ve found a worse symptom. How could I miss this so far?

Anyway, video is important in bug reporting because some bugs depend on the user’s habits.

Finger Menu

Properly placed fingers will make your scenes look professional. I encourage all of you to update your old scenes.

One tip about updating existing scenes. 

I saw that hand positions are slightly shifted when loading the previous scenes. To avoid this symptom, proceed like this.
1) load an old scene (not shifted yet)
2) update or save to private collection
3) load scene (shifted now),  fix hands, then save.

I’ll analyze the cause, but I have a feeling this symptom can’t be fixed.

Another chunk of sliders. One interesting aspect of this menu tab is capturing fingers from the hand tracking.