One more to AR (working now)

I’m tying up the loose ends on AR and AI before I dive into the pornstar companion game.

My AR implementation has a problem. When we restore the AR scene, the position becomes a mess. It’s not restored to the position where it was saved.

I’m suggesting users stand in the same position as when you saved the scenes, but it’s clumsy as hell.

Recently, I’ve been studying Meta-Connect and discovered that it is possible to save positions in AR regardless of where you stand.

It works like magic even on the Quest 2.

This feature will perfect my “AR Room” feature. I’ll update this post with progress soon.

I should be able to move on the pornstar game in real after I perfect this.

One problem with the AI

AI Voice Demo Game (Open in Quest Browser)

Okay. Here’s a new experiment.

Story button activates every 30 seconds to prevent spams. Let’s see how many use this gets.🙂

As a matter of fact, this is what they are doing in the AI roleplay. Users provide short clues, and then AI writes a long story based on the clues.

* Currently, I’m only reusing existing assets. In the pornstar game, more appropriate postures and gestures will be provided while talking.

My AI implementation is okay in technical aspects. But I think it is lacking in content.

My problem is that I have nothing to say to the AI. If this were a text chat, we could create an elaborate prompt to make it say interesting stuff. But this is in VR. Typing is not easy, and speech-to-text is not as good as keyboards.

It responds well if I ask something like, “How are you doing?” or “How’s your mission going?” But that’s all. I can’t find anything to say further.

Don’t you have that kind of experience with girls in real life? Looking face-to-face but having nothing to say. That’s exactly what I’m feeling when I look at the AI.

To prove this point, the AI tester is not getting much use after the first day.

So I’m thinking. I need to make it tell some stories on its own. I’ll update this post soon.

AI Voice Chat (complete)

AI Voice Demo Game (Open in Quest Browser)

WebXR Microphone Troubleshooting Guide

AI voice support is complete. Server is located in Dallas. Tell me about your experiences in the comment.

To use AI voice feature, activate speech function on the start screen.

Voice Chat Demo in Quest

You can talk without the speech input box. (Note 3.2.1 next to the send button.) But I recommend you leave the Specch Menu on. Streaming or speech recognition fails often. You’d want to know what’s going on.

Action Speech Demo


My thoughts(or skepticism) about AI

  • The worst part is latency. It takes up to 5 seconds to generate a conversation. It breaks the immersion. -> This issue is partly resolved by streaming. But sometimes a huge lag is still happening with streaming.
  • The second-worst part is the TTS. It never feels human, and it sounds stupid too often.
  • AI itself doesn’t make a content in 3d games.

AI language model is more suited for text chat services.

This can still be effective as an advertising scheme. I’m mainly doing this for advertising purposes.