Actress 3d Scan Progress

Finally!  I’ve completed the license deals with all of the models. It’s time to animate the pornstars. Expect a playable demo in October.

Kyler Quinn Test VR LINK
Vanna Bardot Test VR Link
Paris White Test VR Link

I couldn’t make time to create an original animation.  I reused a stock dance animation. This’ll do for a tester.

The quality is good for a mobile VR. The details of body texture are what I like best about the 3D scan.


Here’s a photo of Paris White.

Test Dance Video

Here’s the final 3D version of Paris’s head and hair.

Maid clothing test – I’m not quite sure if this is a perfect fit.



Here’s a photo of Vanna Bardot I’m trying to reproduce.

Here’s the 3D version of Vanna Bardot.

Below two are hair styles of her choice.



Here’s a photo of Kyler Quinn.

Here’s the 3D version of Kyler. Does this remind you of the person?

The game will be VR Hand Revolution.


An idea – Pose Simulator version of VR Hand Revolution?

How about a “pose simulator version” of VR Hand Revolution?  Which doesn’t have any hand-made animations.

You all know how many hours I go through to animate every piece of content.  I can’t even make one new content per month at this pace.

The posing system and automated reaction are not that difficult to create.  Automating the cumshot won’t be too difficult, either.

Naturally, the quality of animation won’t be as good as the hand-made animations.

Most difficult part will be animating the hair on the mobile web platform. Only the simplest types of hair will be possible. Also, characters won’t be able to wear flared skirts.

While I make the animations for three pornstar games for the next six months,  I’ll take the “pose simulator” into consideration.

This is mainly a programming job.  I can do both.

Pose simulator for 3d cartoon characters,  hand-made animations for pornstars seems like the plan.

If this is made possible, I’ll be able to put up new character every week. Even DOA5 characters will be reusable. ✊✊

Succubus Part.1 Complete

Here is Succubus Part.1 Intro Video.


I’ll work on the Kyler tester animation for a week or two. Then  come back to the Part 2 to finish it as quickly as possible.

* VRporn users : I intend send the Succubus Part.1 to VRporn quickly. When it’ll be up on VRporn is up to them.