Succubus Part 2 progress

I’ll concentrate on completing Succubus VR Hand until 8/25.

Part 1 will get a bonus foreplay mode.
Part 2 is 6/7.

I tried to reuse the gym footjob animation to cut some time. But it ended up taking more time than normal.  It happens. It is not free to reuse the animation.

Only two foreplay modes to go!  This is the hardest moment of animation job, bored and out of ideas. I’m hanging on with only willpower. 😫😫

Actress 3d Scan Progress


I couldn’t make time to create an original animation.  I reused a stock dance animation. This’ll do for a tester.

I think the quality is good for a mobile VR.  Maybe not what I expected from 3d scans, though.

I’ll do similar tests on Vanna Bardot and Paris White when the 3D models arrive.


Here’s a photo Kyler Quinn.

Here’s the 3D version of Kyler. Does this remind you of the person?


The game will be VR Hand Revolution. It’ll happen in a coffee shop,  where Kyler is the shop owner.  Inspired by this H-manga.

I’m thinking about maid or farm girl for Paris and Vanna.


Succubus Part.1 Complete

Here is Succubus Part.1 Intro Video.


I’ll work on the Kyler tester animation for a week or two. Then  come back to the Part 2 to finish it as quickly as possible.

* VRporn users : I intend send the Succubus Part.1 to VRporn quickly. When it’ll be up on VRporn is up to them.

Aida Collection missing reactions

these two reactions were missing.  Full game is updated.

While preparing the VRporn version, I’ve come up with this intro.

VRporn version needs some kind of help message.  But my own version doesn’t need that.

While working on that, I’ve realized that “Aida Collection Dance” is possible. The dances are all free animations. Easily duplicated to every character.

Users can play dance animations with new costumes. It’s a bonus, not a full content. I’ll work on this after I finish the VRporn version.