Adding New Songs to Dances

I’m looking at songs from a site called “epidemic sound”.

I could use some help. If you’re interested in music and want to contribute, start from here.

It’s a long search for the rare good ones in a large stash.

Songs with repetitive hooks are better suited for dances. For an example, this one can be used on dances.

You can link any royalty-free songs from other sources.

It doesn’t matter if the songs have vocals or not.

Super Dance Pack

Both R34 version and RockHardVR version have been made into paid versions. I’ll keep adding other girls to the RockHardVR version.

It took me 10 very hard days. And it was a nice wrap-up of the dance pieces. Finally, it is worth something.

Here’s an AR recording. This may look better if I draw a fake shadow.

I think some of the characters require suitable clothing for dances. For an example, Candy’s gym clothing looks awkward. Giving that Aida red dress to everyone may look cool.  (workload is increasing again…)

One issue is whether I should add some kind of gallery feature to this. I’d rather skip it and save 2-3 days. I’ll decide based on user responses.

About new songs

I’ll try to add all of the songs you suggest. Check this post and suggest the songs you want.

You can link any royalty-free songs from other sources.

Honoka from Old Library (complete)

Dance and Pose Simulator R34 all updated with Honoka.

It took me 20+ hours, or 4 days, to set up Honoka with complete features.

<- I feel like this.
Throw me some tips in the vrgame34 store.

This is the last “free” addition to the R34 game. I hope game fans will come out and invest for more R34 characters. this is how it works

150 or 300 is not that big a sum for people living in the US,UK,FRA or GER. I need helps to keep the R34 series keep going.

Although I’m using the DOA5 version, it’s a beauty.

I’ve added smoothing to the important parts like boob,butt,thigh and calf. Polygon quality won’t be too bad.

Except for the texture resolution, this should look as good as the recent Tifa.

Quest Pro Recommended for AR

If you can afford $1000 and won’t care about a big drop in resale value when Quest 3 comes out, I recommend the Quest Pro for AR.

After using Quest Pro for several days, I’ve decided to use Pro as my main device. It feels so comfortable to see my space as background.

I think Quest 2 and Pro will be good enough for a while, even if Quest 3 comes out. Improvement in GPU can’t be that big.

* Don’t be fooled by TFLOPS talks on the web that the Quest 3 will be as fast as PS4. Mobile devices are bottlenecked by the lack of dedicated VRAM, not the chipset.

What I like about Quest Pro on first impression is using my home environment as the UI background. It feels a lot more comfortable than a virtual room.

Performance-wise, it looks like it has no improvement over Quest 2. My games run in Pro exactly like Quest 2. I’ve checked the numbers in a benchmark tool. It shows no difference at all.

If you look it up on Google, you’ll see sentences like “50% improvement over Quest 2”. I don’t know what those are based on. Don’t be fooled by those rumors.

If you really like AR, I think it’s okay. Full-color AR feels very good.

I once heard Quest Pro has a glitch in Pose Simulator AR, but I couldn’t see it. Maybe it’s fixed now.