Body Share (final)

  • User uploads are backed up every 6 hours and preserved.
  • You can upload whatever you’d like. But something must be changed in the body because this is about saving mods.

Costume states are also saved with this method. If you use a unique nickname, you can use this to manage your presets.

Below video is an example of cross sharing between characters. In this video, I’m loading Succubus data into Jana.

Like function

Filter by Matching Character

If you turn off “Matching Games” and turn on “Matching Character”, you can browse all saves of the chosen character from all games.


*VRporn version’s not going to have this feature. If any of you are stuck on yearly subscription, contact me personally. I can give you access to the newest versions. I have my contacts here

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8 months ago

You have created a masterpiece! The quality of the implementation is out of this world. Huge congratulations to you and the feature has added a whole new level to the games.

8 months ago

Totally agree with new content being the focus, but with this new customization as a foundation I really think the effort you put into new content is going to extend preferences to a lot more people.

In fact, as you think about attracting more users, I do wonder if you showing some different, carefully modified alternative body share options on a main page, or a single click into the game would broaden the appeal. Just an idea, and doesn’t really need to change the implementation of the SW.

However it could, if possibly each release come with a few different default options. Say A, B C from the main option panel, or in the body share. But these are just ideas and I haven’t thought through the UX.