Actress 3d Scan Progress


I couldn’t make time to create an original animation.  I reused a stock dance animation. This’ll do for a tester.

I think the quality is good for a mobile VR.  Maybe not what I expected from 3d scans, though.

I’ll do similar tests on Vanna Bardot and Paris White when the 3D models arrive.


Here’s a photo Kyler Quinn.

Here’s the 3D version of Kyler. Does this remind you of the person?


The game will be VR Hand Revolution. It’ll happen in a coffee shop,  where Kyler is the shop owner.  Inspired by this H-manga.

I’m thinking about maid or farm girl for Paris and Vanna.


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4 days ago

excellent work, One immediate improvement is the far more natural shoulder shape/movement when the models arm/s arecabove the sholder lvl, the jank is, as far as I can see, gone!. The animation is very nice but turn on the eye tracking, the eyes always looking at you adds life to a very “wooden” expression. Also is there anyway of haveing the feet not skip/slide around the floor when technically speaking the model isnt actually moving around the dance area?
All in all tho I live it, I look forward to seeing how the others come out 😆

4 days ago
Reply to  Bryghtblade

i need to proof read a bit more before posting lol

4 days ago

you’ve certainly achieved a step up from the original girls,the “bones” seem to be much better aligned. I watched the animation again and there seems to be less shake in the legs,if something can be done about the facial expressions ( or lack there of ) , I think you’re onto a winner. I take i t the body modifying will also be available?

15 days ago

The result is really good, the face expressions you’ve created for the your other models will work wonders for this, I hope the adult entertainment industry see the potential in this.

I’d recommend dimming the lights for the coffeeshop story, with one light source it’s easier to get a compelling visually stunning result.

Keep the great work man!

16 days ago

#1 priority is rigging some working eyelids. The 3D scan is a bit scary when it stares at you open eyed without blinking.

I’m also not a big fan of the shorter hair style, it doesn’t really fit with the character’s profile from the side. If you could include some better longer hair options, it would look infinitely better in my opinion.

Otherwise, I think the 3D scan looks okay even if it looks like GTA4 graphics.

L @ VRPorn
16 days ago

Hi, just got a bit of feedback for you

The lack of facial animation is the most obvious problem, even subtle animations can be very effective but it can take a lot of skill to get it right if you aren’t using mocap. (or if the face hasn’t been rigged)

The UI is mostly redundant in this game since you can’t adjust the character or remove clothes etc, unless you plan on incorporating those features it should be removed since its already an overly complicated and outdated design.

Movement controls from the controller would be nice too

The lighting is far too bright and actually looks like its being ‘full lit’ (everything lit at 100% equally)

The scene is just a blank blue void but I’m assuming you would change that, it wouldn’t need to be anything special, just somewhere for light to reflect and refract.

Hope this helps!