Actress 3d Scan (reopened in September)

3D Scan Project will be reopened in September. (pushed back two months from the original plan)

The subject is “Talking Pornstar in Your Living Room”, making use of AI and AR technology.

I’m hoping this will get some investments from the US or Japanese adult industry.

My WebXR adult game series, in its current state, is not going anywhere. 3d scan is my last hope for a business.

I bump this post to get some opinions from you. Let’s talk about this.

Paris White

Here’s the final 3D version of Paris’s head and hair.

Maid clothing test – I’m not quite sure if this is a perfect fit.


Vanna Bardot

Here’s the 3D version of Vanna Bardot.

Below two are hair styles of her choice.


Kyler Quinn

Here’s the 3D version of Kyler. Does this remind you of the person?


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3 months ago

other than being unable to modify the bodies what else isn’t possible? or is that all you’re referring to when you say “functionality’s limited”

3 months ago

have the models seen the scans and what youre doing (all your work, not only this) and is so what ia there take on it? i don’t know how this could fail, i Guarantee that what you have created is exactly what all of us here had in mind when we went looking! i really hope this works out for you and wish you luck. i also second getting Leah Gotti!

1 year ago

Looks like Paris White’s hair is too bright, almost as if it had light of it’s own, I recommend dimming the brightness level on that, maybe on the skin too, saturation is too high.

I’m no expert in 3D modelling, but I do know that it seems like the roughness value should be higher, so it doesn’t reflect much light.

1 year ago

Hi admin The test links look terrific out. It looks very natural and see the coloring very realistic looking. I am excited which way it will continue. greetings peddavr