Pose Simulator version of VR Hand Revolution


3D Scan Project is postponed. I’ve decided to concentrate on WebXR pose simulator, aiming to complete it within this year.

I leave the 3D scan as a long-term project. It’s too difficult graphically. I need more research. The licenses of girls don’t expire.  It can be used at anytime.


How about a “pose simulator version” of VR Hand Revolution?  Which doesn’t have any hand-made animations.

You all know how many hours I go through to animate every piece of content.  I can’t even make one new content per month at this pace.

The posing system and automated reaction are not that difficult to create.  Automating the cumshot won’t be too difficult, either.

Naturally, the quality of animation won’t be as good as the hand-made animations.

Most difficult part will be animating the hair on the mobile web platform. Only the simplest types of hair will be possible. Also, characters won’t be able to wear flared skirts.

Pose simulator for 3d cartoon characters,  hand-made animations for pornstars seems like the plan.

If this is made possible, I’ll be able to put up new character every week. Even DOA5 characters will be reusable. ✊✊

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1 month ago

This sounds like an idea with great possibilties, I look forward to seeing where this goes!

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2 months ago

I’m so excited about this!

There are so many pose simulators that require download, this will be one of a kind! having a virtual doll all for myself feels like a great idea.

Imagine even a “pose sharing option” you’ll practically outsource some animations to the community! Having an “auto thrust” feature for her hips should be a must, and reaction (voice) when you touch her so it’s more realistic.