Faye Dance with Proper Leg Placement (one more)

Fixed one more

I’ve fixed the third one (high fever) from Faye Dance. It also looks damn good with the proper footing.

This one is even better because I also fixed the hands in this one. In those dances, hand placements are even more of a mess than the legs.

Personally, I think of anyone saying things like “motion capture is the answer to animation” as talking about something he only heard, not something he has done actually.

Motion capture usually creates even more mess. It requires another experienced animator to clean up the data. Hence, it’s no answer.

3D scan was no different. It created more problems than solving.

Below is the first item (Happy) of Faye Dance.Β  Leg shakes of Maya Dance, Aida Dance were already fixed.Β  Faye Dance wasn’t.


This took me about 16 hours. (2 days). A user expressing a fondness for dance content gave me a new motivation.

I’ll make time to fix the other two Faye Dance items later.

These dance motions are precious assets.Β  It is impossible to buy them anymore. I can only make use of existing ones.

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13 days ago

I’m very happy to see the leg shakes being fixed, particularly on Faye, shes my favorite model. I really enjoy the dance routines, the leg shakes were very distracting, I’m really going to enjoy the dance routines far more now!
Thankyou so much for fixing that😊😊😊

1 month ago

Hello admin How about Candy as the dancing girl?

pedda vr
1 month ago

That would be awesome, I’m sure many users would be happy.πŸ™πŸ‘