Pose Simulator can contain three girls and three rooms

It’s just a thought for now.

Considering the size limit of Web VR, I think I can contain three girls and three rooms in one game.

Users can pick a room, and place up to three girls in it at once.

VR Hand Revolution style hand tracking will be supported.

If multiple girls are placed in one scene, hand tracking will apply to one of the girls.  (the nearest girl)  Maybe make the others do some auto repeating actions.

Sharing features like the current Body Share will be supported. It’ll be called something like “Scene Share” and “Posture Share”. Two types of sharing are possible.  Sharing the whole scene or just postures.

Scene sharing will be the most interesting part of this. This is very interesting from a programmer’s point of view.

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Al Carlson
1 month ago

I like the idea. And I continue to be blown away by your work. I spend more time than I probably should customizing my girl each time. Please clone yourself so you can keep up with your own ideas .