Hair System Result

Marie Rose Dance is updated with the new hair system. Try it if you’re interested.  It feels damn good to have gravity in her hair.

Sometimes the hair abruptly moves between the back and front side of her body . It looks okay. This is not supposed to be like Unreal or Nvidia tech demo.

Later on the pose simulator,  I’ll be able to let players touch the hair with this system.

If you look at this image from Marie Rose Dance:

Left one is the old hair. It doesn’t know about gravity.  It looked really bad.

Right ones are the results.  The hair landed on her back nicely.

Here’s a video sample.

It still needs some improvements.  But it’s safe to say this is a success.

This was a very hard subject.  I’m relieved to know that my flair for 3D programming hasn’t faded after three years of focusing on graphics. 😀

One difficult subject required for the pose simulator has been dealt with.

Two others are “3D editing in VR” and “automated response” system. We’ll see how it goes.

* I’ll update some of the dances using this technique within days.  And make Flight Attendant Bree dance making use of this technique.

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