Playable version soon.

You can use the hand tracking and auto mode now.

Program still lacks [scene save].   I’ll take care of it this week.  we’ll be able to keep and manage our scenes.

Playing with sounds ( sound warning )

Placement section has sound set picker now.

Gameplay test

It took me about two months get this far. This is a very good result in that kind of period.

The version for this month is “alpha version”. I’ll need two more months to provide a perfect version.

Next month, I’ll add all of my existing girls to one game package, and start to sell an early access version.

Also, there’ll be a game girl version.  Yeah, you can fuck Marie Rose or Honoka in VR soon.

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1 year ago

Great job, enjoy the progress you’ve made. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and look forward to purchase on the Pose Simulator in the new year.

1 year ago

Would be awesome to have a wide mirror feature to see both sides of the girls

1 year ago

this is amazing work! cant wait for the full polished version!