Private Collection Feature

One last update to Private Collection

“private update possible” message will be visible when it is possible to update a scene in private collection.

Message appears after 1) you save a new scene, or 2) load a scene from private collection.

This private collection was a very hard job and there were many bugs.🤮 This kind of “list box UI” is the hardest work for a game programmer. There still may be a bug or two.

One update to Private Collection
“Matching Characters” and “Matching Room” filters will work now.

No need to panic if your private scenes are not visible. They are all there.

This is a feature to create a private collection in your Quest Browser.

Find the scene to your liking in the web gallery, and add it to your collection.  It stays until you clear the cookies.

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30 days ago

been enjoying the progress of this and playing around with it, going to be an incredible game!
one thing i have noticed with the faye animation is her breasts do a weird expanding thing on the sex animation?

30 days ago
Reply to  jhut

cancel that you’ve already fixed faye!

Al Carlson
1 month ago

I just finished a session with Make Your Own Pose Simulator. I have three words: Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Yes, it has some rough edges, but for an Alpha version, it is amazing. I was particularly impressed by the way you handle elbow and knee joints. Making them a simple hinge adds to the realism.
I found I had trouble moving the girls accurately with the initial menu option. Placement? Not in the game now, and I don’t recall. But I could get around that by clicking Posing and just using two hands to place them where I wanted. (I love the fact that their boobs jiggle as you move them.)
As mentioned in other comments, additional clothing options and sets would be fun.
You might also want to add the ability to “manipulate” simple furniture objects the way we can manipulate the girls. e.g. Make the couch moveable so we can, for example, bend a girl over it.
For ideas or just a chance to see how someone else is playing in a VR world that is (sort of) like yours, visit When you are in a “space” you can pull up objects created in SketchUp.

1 month ago

I hope the finished version has more clothing options. It would be cool to have the bikinis from the dead or alive characters.

1 month ago

when the full game comes out could you make the girls jerk you off, give you a blowjob or even foreplay mode

1 month ago

Will you be adding bree?