More characters to 34 Pack

I’ll gradually add all of the “full featured standing girls”, and some of the good ones into this pack.   (like ChunLi,Tamaki)

In the future, addition of brand new models will operate based on donations. Preparing a new character takes around 30 hours. I’ll only ask for a minimum wage for it.

DOA5 models look old..(sigh)  Can anyone pay for brand new models?  You can find my contact here.


30 hours per one character is very affordable compared to 120 hours to create animations for one full content, huh?  That was why I had to create this pose simulator series. It was impossible to keep up.

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Dragonslammer Lammer
8 days ago

Hi bro. Why dont you allow us to upload custom models from file? Give use a base model that we can edit, that way your simulator will become the real deal! There wont be any copyright responsability on your part and we can enjoy good time with our favorite gals. Your game will spread like fire… I’m sure of it!

Last edited 8 days ago by Dragonslammer Lammer
7 months ago

How about Nidalee from League of Legends?

8 months ago

What is the cost of models?

8 months ago

Any thoughts on adding the bikini sophitia? Enjoyed that model