Update Function on Scene Share

If you’ve registered your nickname and are playing your own scene, you’ll see the message “update possible” right above the scene title.

If you update, your scene will be bumped up on the list.  Bump your scenes when you feel like it.

Old scenes are not deleted. They are kept on the server and hidden. You can find them and restore them in the web gallery.  (if you log in)

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11 days ago

Being able to update a scene seems hit or miss. I’d usually expect to be able to push an update when I either open up a previous file from my private collection or download a file from the public share that I’dcreated previously. I do notice that the system appears to know my ID since it pre-populates it on a new share. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t work at all. I think it gets triggered after I’ve initially uploaded a new file and then I can update it, but only during that session. I’ll see if I can get more specifics. I suspect this is why we still see what appears to be duplicate poses being submitted to the gallery or people may just be saving versions in private.

11 days ago

Got it. I think it’s ok to have the public and private versions separately updating but yeah, some change should have occurred to trigger the ability to do an update, otherwise it’s not an update. Unless I guess someone just wants to update the screenshot. On the other hand, if someone downloads someone else’s scene, they shouldn’t be able to update the file until they fork their own new version. Then, of course, they should be able to push public updates on that one or if it’s in their private collection. Anyways, in the end, probably not the biggest deal of its fixed or not, but would be nice since it definitely creates a certain amount of redundancy.

10 days ago

Thanks, that sounds like a good approach.

17 days ago

I waited this option! Good work! Pose simulator is amazing, very funny to play