User Gallery Deletion Rule

Pose Gallery Deletion Rule

1. Scenes without any poses are deleted. Especially when the girl is in her standing pose or attention pose.

If you mean to save costume and color, use body share gallery.

2. Duplicates are deleted. I urge everyone to register a nickname and use the update function.

*I never touch hidden uploads. Use hidden uploads however you like.

Images looking like minors are removed

This rule applies to all galleries.

For an example, this one is no problem despite the word “loli.” It is only small; it looks like a doll.

Images like the next one are problematic. It looks clearly like a child because a small body is put side by side with a normal body.

(I kept this image because it only looks cute with its clothes on.)

I deleted all images that looked like minors by any degree and showed sex. You can’t upload any illegal-looking images. It can ☠kill☠ this site.

Hidden uploads are no problem.

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