Tifa Animated

Tifa is added to Pose Simulator R34 now.

Tifa Dance looks amazing in VR. Don’t miss this. R34 Collection


Tifa is sponsored by a long-time user since 2019. He is also sponsoring Edelgard of Fire Emblem. I’ll get to it soon.

The cost is 300 USD per character to cover a minimum wage.

You can say all good words, but it’s meaningless because R34 content doesn’t even cover the minimum wage. That is the reality.

Become a sponsor to make it happen for sure.

Even if there’s no sponsor, I’ll sometimes put up a poll to make a new R34 character as the sales stack up. But you don’t know which one will be picked.

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6 months ago

hello, it is i, Miklos, long time no see:
recently, i came across the tifa dance model and i thought to myself: “meh, tifa alone is not good enough. cloud should be there as well”, so i perhaps wanted to request an animation of cloud fingering tifa like in this movie: https://www.3dsexanime.xyz/video/3071/tifa-and-cloud-dance-club-by-cgstudio-rule34-final-fantasy-porn

could you maybe do it please?!

8 months ago

great model! i dont know if its just me but her right nipple is doing something weird in AR mode when you increase the size of her boobs…

8 months ago

sorry yes should have taken a screenshot as not sure how to do videos, ive just uploaded a couple. it may just be on my system ( quest 2)

8 months ago

Excellent work! I did notice that I can use placement once but then when I switch to pose and then back to placement, placement doesn’t work anymore. I tried this with not just Tifa but with another character as well. I’m not sure if this has to do with this update or if it has been there before since I haven’t used the simulator for a while.

8 months ago

Excellent! Love the song by the way. What is it?

8 months ago

How would we go about donating money towards a particular character?