Super Dance Pack

Both R34 version and RockHardVR version have been made into paid versions. I’ll keep adding other girls to the RockHardVR version.

It took me 10 very hard days. And it was a nice wrap-up of the dance pieces. Finally, it is worth something.

Here’s an AR recording. This may look better if I draw a fake shadow.

I think some of the characters require suitable clothing for dances. For an example, Candy’s gym clothing looks awkward. Giving that Aida red dress to everyone may look cool.  (workload is increasing again…)

One issue is whether I should add some kind of gallery feature to this. I’d rather skip it and save 2-3 days. I’ll decide based on user responses.

About new songs

I’ll try to add all of the songs you suggest. Check this post and suggest the songs you want.

You can link any royalty-free songs from other sources.

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19 days ago

i think that is a good idea. i like the option of 3 dancers too