AR Position Improvement

This update helps you restore the right view position in AR mode.

Always set a proper floor height.  (AR or not)

Position Restore

This will help you recover character placements in AR mode.  You have to stand where you were in your room when you saved the game.

Position in AR

If you tried AR, you’ll know what I’m saying. This will help you fine tune positions after loading.

Games are updated. Two things are fixed.
1) restoring saved position
2) reversed stick in AR mode

Private Collection Feature

One last update to Private Collection

“private update possible” message will be visible when it is possible to update a scene in private collection.

Message appears after 1) you save a new scene, or 2) load a scene from private collection.

This private collection was a very hard job and there were many bugs.🤮 This kind of “list box UI” is the hardest work for a game programmer. There still may be a bug or two.

One update to Private Collection
“Matching Characters” and “Matching Room” filters will work now.

No need to panic if your private scenes are not visible. They are all there.

This is a feature to create a private collection in your Quest Browser.

Find the scene to your liking in the web gallery, and add it to your collection.  It stays until you clear the cookies.

Upload Hidden Scenes to Scene Share

*This feature is available to registered nicknames only.

Use this feature to upload private scenes to the scene share.

You can access your hidden scenes by checking “My Hidden Scenes”.

Private collection is saved as cookies. There’s no guarantee that you will keep your cookies indefinitely.

Hidden-scene-uploading can serve as a backup of your private collection.

If you want to display any of your hidden scenes, you can login to the web gallery and unhide them.

If you update a hidden scene, it will be kept hidden.

Lastly, database space is dirt cheap these days. I won’t mind how many hidden scenes you upload.😉

Extruding Pussy – this I need to fix first thing

In a posture like this, the girl’s pussy extrudes,  looks like a chicken comb. Maya is the worst case.

When I create animation in 3DS MAX, the exact same thing happens. I fix this in two steps.

1) adjust the limbs to minimize this problem (by butt rotation and upper body rotation)
2) push the pussy into body, so that it doesn’t extrude.

We already have the means for 1).

My next job is giving you the means to do 2).   I’ll update this post when I’m done.

Anyone using Wolvic as browser?

I guess not many.  Wolvic draws that weird line around the lips, areola or pussy.

Recently, I’ve figured out how to work around that symptom.

Wolvic’s performance is worse than Quest browser. It doesn’t have hand tracking. I don’t feel any merit to take on a big task to patch everything.

I’m just curious if anyone’s using it. Especially, if anyone’s using it on Pico or any other minor standalone headsets.