Resolution problem is resolved

One good news about the resolution issue.

Today, my Quest Browser was updated to version 27, and the resolution control has been revived. Quest 2 users can enjoy the crisp polygons and texts again. 🙌

If you adjust the resolution to 1.2x, it becomes the native resolution of Quest 2, and you’ll get the best screen quality.

  • It looks like anti-aliasing + 1.2x resolution slow down Quest 2 too much. I’ll keep the default at 1.0x.
  • Anti-aliasing is always on.
  • 1.2x resolution + shadow off seems to be adequate.

I’ve found a new anti-aliasing method on Quest 2.

Look how that basket became smooth. Also, the frame rate stays at a stable 45.

I patched this on most of the RockHardVR Shop games.

This would make up for the lack of resolution control for a while.

To deal with the text-readability problem,  I’ve added menu distance adjustment to the controller-menu-dragging. This will help a bit.


How many are playing WebXR games?

Total gameplay on for March

123,739 plays for the month. 3,391 plays per day in average.
Each gameplay lasted 4:30 in average

*About 85% are Quest users.

Total paid gameplay for March

3,622 plays for the month. 👉 3% are paid players.

This number could use some improvement. If only I could make it 10%?

Maybe I should cut down on a lot of demos. 🤔🤔
Or call the demos “light versions” and make them like $3.00?

These numbers are not bad at all.

Several weeks ago, I’ve visited a medium-sized game company in my country to discuss expanding my WebXR adult gaming business. They have branches in Japan and China.

It’s too premature to think about any results. I’ve told them I’ll visit again when I have the 3D scanned pornstar game.

Pornstar VR game is the only item with enough value to make an actual business.