Final Update to Pose Simulator (complete)

Major updates are complete now. There are some minor improvements requested in user comments. I’ll take care of them soon.

I’m not sure about the AR feature. It’s complex and not reliable. It requires a lot of efforts from the user. I’ll provide a complete guide soon.

AR Depth Editing

In this video, you can see that headsets have tracking errors. Like we move 50 cm, but the headset reports only 48 cm of movement. As a result, my drawing and the real desk don’t match after I move around a bit.

In Quest 3, the drawing parts are supposedly automated and more detailed. But those things rarely work as expected. We’ll have to see it to be sure.

My method would have been okay too if it were not for the tracking errors.

UNDO/REDO on Posing

Only posing related changes are undo-able.

Quick One-Hand Rotate

I hear some of you hate two-hand lifting. Turn the two-hand lifting off as default to prevent mistakes.

Body Share Save Poses

*as of 2023-9-11,  “apply body” checkbox has been added.

From now on, if you upload to the Body Share gallery in the Pose Simulator, it will contain pose.

It doesn’t have the complete scene. This is similar to the “drag and copy pose” function.

This function will help you move pose between scenes.

When you download the body from the gallery, you need to check the “Apply Pose” option to get the pose.


Along with that, The “LIKE button” from the body share menu has been replaced by Run Count. It seems Run Count is getting more response because it means viewers are interested in that body mod.

AI Story with Poses?

This is quite nice now that it’s combined with pictures.  source on Reddit I’m pretty certain it took some effort from that guy to create those clean cuts.

I’ve been thinking about ways to make use of AI roleplay in VR.

If I combine AI roleplay with Pose Simulator and provide a VR story creator, I wonder how many people are going to create stories with it.

By “story”, I mean stuff like my VR Comics. Creators will have to provide various poses to suit the story flow.

One More Rotation Axis to Blowjob

I’ll keep improving [blowjob and free penis position] as more issues come up.

While playing through user scenes, I realized that Blowjob needs one more more rotation axis. You’ll see “Yaw Angle” added to Action page, and Mouth Open Angle is moved to Reaction page.

Finding a perfect value is not easy. Animation is not easy in the first place.

The program’s called “Pose Simulator” for familiarity, but there’s no physics in this program. Instead, it simulates my animation technique.

A difficult animation like the blowjob is meant to end up difficult in Pose Simulator.