Multi-language Support

Supported Languages : Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian

I’ve picked the languages based on the top 10 purchase regions. If you’ve bought the Pose Simulator and your language is not on the list, tell me.




Multi-Character Conversation

Here’s an update for multiple-character conversations.

*Improved video. In this video, I keep saying “hey marie, talk to honoka” and “hey honoka, talk to marie” to let them talk to each other.

In a multiple-character situation, the focused character answers.

To change focus of the character, the easiest way is to touch the character with hand.

Another way is to use voice to switch characters. Saying “Hey name, Hello name, or Hi name” will switch the focus. Check out this video for an example.

It’s not very accurate. Mine usually becomes “Hannukah” or “Mary”.

*There are shortcuts on the screen keyboard. Name-calling won’t be a problem from now on.

BTW, are you guys getting used to GPT 3.5’s writing style? 😄 Mind-blowing something, steamy action, naughty kisses, hot and bothered… All trademark GPT 3.5 style.

GPT 3.5 is literally dirt cheap; I can afford to keep it free. GPT4 can write more human-like responses, but it’s 10 or 30 times more expensive.

If any of you want to try GPT4, contact me personally. [email protected]  I will arrange a test session.

AI Voice Chat in Pose Simulator

Play AI Voice Chat Demo in Pose Simulator R34 

In this game, you have to create your own poses. It’s not that easy to use. Look for the guide link on the game page.

My next project will be a more game-like, easy-to-use AI AR program.

To use AI voice feature, activate speech function on the start screen.

Add a character, then you’ll see this speech button activate.

AI Voice Chat in Action

Find Complete Guide Here

Quest3 Room Scanning (complete)

All Game Links are updated.

If you have Quest 3, try the room scanning once because you paid for its depth sensor. It actually works, although it is not perfect.

I heard that Meta will release the real-time depth API with better accuracy. I’ll update this feature once again when it becomes available.

Playing with Room Scanning


Gameplay video making use of Quest 3 room scan.

Take your time to get the best room scan possible. The better the room scan is, the better the shadow gets.

I once tried to get a whole scan of my home. But it turns out Q3 room scan has time limits. I think 2-3 rooms is a practical limit.