Fap Hero Mode (completed)

All Ero-Beat Games are updated with Fap Hero Mode.
Go to VR main page

Activate Hand Tracking and choose “Fap  Hero” to play in Fap Hero mode.


This was implemented by detecting any sudden hand movements. So, punching will work as well as actual fap moves. Action is triggered when a hand moves more than a “certain amount of distance”.

Tell me what you think in the comment.

My plan for a new stream of contents.

It is a real human based VR Hand Revolution.  It’s going to use the 3D scanned models of real human adult actresses.

*situation update – just in case anyone wonders

I’ve hired an amateur model, did a 3D scan of her. It was a complete disaster😫😫  (A completely different person from her photos showed up)

Damn! It was a big waste of money, but also a valuable experience.

Based on this experience, I decided to hire a professional hardcore actress  whose videos are searched on the internet.

I’m talking to this agent now. Visit the agent if you’re interested in models.

I’m looking at Angel Aurora and Braylin Bailey. Don’t know if I’ll be able to get them both yet.

Having a rest period

I haven’t updated much since this month.

For the last four months (11,12,1,2),  I’ve accomplished 1) Store  2) Succubus  3) User Gallery.  None of them were easy.

Finally, I’m having a rest period for a while.


** It’s the 31st already?  March was the worst month ever. I was groggy for almost three weeks, and I’ve been restless preparing for the new line of VR Hand Revolution.  I’ll make another post for it.

I’m out of my my spring sickness finally. I’ll try to be my 100% for the next three months. I’ll proceed with the planned contents.

Chun-Li Dojo 2/3 Animation

This job wasn’t painful at all.   Somehow the animation from Marie Rose Train matched well, most of it was reusable.

This is going to be a story content eventually, I haven’t decided where it should cum in the story.  So there is no cumshot yet.

Along with the maintenances, my next main job is “Candy Gym Beat Game” now.  (I plan two weeks for it)

The beat game doesn’t make any money directly, still it’s the most important strategic item in promotions.

After the Candy Gym Beat,  I can finally start on the “Aida Collection”  (which is Aida Standing Girl)