One more cut (missionary anal-updated once)

*updated once – now I think I’ve got it almost perfect. And, added several more lines

The reason I’m not very focused recently is the corona virus situation. This country started to dive into a fucking mess (Anyone taking a close tab may guess where it is????)

But still, there is no escape for me but this game engine project. It goes on

Cumshot effect this time

Utilizing wet skin effect here. Picture itself is a little better than the beach cumshot. But this is static – that’s the shortcoming factor ????

Maybe I can make several steps of wet skin and make them progress each second (still static though)

If you want to test this, use the above link. Proceed to the last cut

Now I have to do two more insertion loops, then animation’s complete

Preview Here (updated once)

Finally, gaining some speed!

[cut00,cut00a,cut01,cut02] is complete
[cut03,cut04,cut05] is next work

*cut names are in the animation speed control menu

Even though this is the 3rd time I’m making this kind of animations, it hasn’t got any easier at all 🙂 But what was easy anyway, that’s why these contents are special ????

I guess another Leifang after this is impossible within this month. Instead, I’m thinking about upgrading the beach scenes this month. Although they have no plots, those sex animations are about 80% good as Leifang, no reason to abandon those